Thursday, October 30, 2014

Elizabeth Arden blush review

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This is a review of Elizabeth Arden's blush in pink pop.

I really like this blush it last a really long time, but it's weary sheer so it takes a little while to build up the colour, but when it's there, it's just gorgeous. I just adore the pale pink colour I think It would suit all skintones, even on my olive skintone. It' doesn't smell like anything. I has settle shimmer in the pan but on your skin, it's barely there or not visible at all. It blends well and looks stuning alone or with a pink/purple toned higlighter on top. The consistency is regular powder consistency.

It really great but not "to die for" I don't think it's worth the original price, but most highend things aren't anyway, if you don't have a budget I'd say go for it but if you do, then you can find much better and cheaper blushes.

xoxo Christina

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