Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elizabeth Arden eight hour spf 20 lipbalm review♥

Hi blog♥

So a while ago I got this lipbalm, and I've used enough to give it a review♥

As you might remmeber I got a lot of Elisabeth Arden on an crazy sale, havent seen it? you want to? Okay klick this link New in up to 80% off Elizabeth Arden. Anyway it was totally crazy and made me insanly happy and now I'm just in love with the Elizabeth Arden brand♥

Okay to the point. I love this lipbalm! Love the creamy non sticky consistency. It's gives moisture on it's own but I prefer it with a little rosebud lipbalm underneath. I does NOT give my lips a white cast, like my old labello sunscreen lipbalm did. My lips haven't been burned, so... I'm guessing it works♥

xoxo Christina♥

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