Sunday, October 5, 2014

Five pink favorites Breast cancer awareness month :))

Hi blog

So I belive I did this last year,( just found out it was two years ago) where I show five pink things I love, to help create awareness of breast cancer.

1. Elizabeth Arden blush in pink pop, a soft buildable pink you just looks so stunning on the skin it's perfect pink color <3

2. maybelline color tatto cream shadow in pink gold, I love this, so pretty color on it's own and it neutral enough to be a base, which it is really good as. makes the shadow stay and no creasing 

3. Versage crystal bright my most loved perfume of all time I think I've been using this for around four years now, I don't remember but it is just amazing. Smells sensual, flowery, fruity and musky <3

4. Inglot Sleeks cream in 98 beautiful and creamy medium pigmentation enough to color the lips but not like a lipstick, which it's not supposed o do so it's fine and it smeels like caramels and I have another which smells fruity <3

5. OPI pink friday creamy light pink, just gorgeous only one coat needed, if you want to see it on I made a NOTW 

xoxo Christina <3

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