Monday, October 13, 2014

The body shop review week day 1: wild rose hand cream spf 15 review♥

Hi blog♥

So I really wanted to boost the blog a little. I thought it could be fun to have a The body shop review week, because I really love the brand and a lot of people seem to like it too, so it seemed like a great idea so every day this week there will be a review of a the body shop product  ♥

This hand creme is great and I love it. it sinks in to the skin really fast and it is not sticky at all. It smells great, not overpowering at all and the fact that it has SPF is a huge plus (I'm kinda a sunscreen freak) I kinda tease my friends with that they'll get skin cancer if they don't start wearing sunscreen and stop using tanning beds, I know non of my business but I guess it just shows that i care♥

There is literally not a single bad thing I can say about this hand creme it self but the packaging is a little annoying the cap is a little difficult to screw on. I never know which way and I always drop it once or twice before I get it on :))

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Hej Hej..

    Kunne du være interesseret i at være med i en Knæk Cancer indsamling for bloggere???

    Knus Jeanette <3

    1. Jo det lyder da rigtig godt, hvad skal jeg bare sende min mail til dig?

      xoxo C <3


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