Saturday, October 18, 2014

The body shop review week day 6: TBS Scrubbing gloves♥

Hi blog♥

Welcome to day 6 :))

I love these nuff said, no but really these are great. when I've used all my bodys crubs up I never need to buy another one again. These gloves plus a little showergel does the job perfectly. my skin feels so soft, if you think your legs are soft after shaving you'll be amazed with what these gloves can do! and , and they are great for faketan removal aswell.

I found a spray tan in my stash when I switched rooms so I tried it, it looked good the first 2 days but I really didn't want to tan my arms so I just wanted it off. When I used the gloves I could really see the tan comming of, it was on the gloves, it wasn't stuck or anything, just washed off. These gloves are simply amazing you should get a pair they are really inexpensive ;)) ♥

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