Sunday, October 19, 2014

The body shop review week day 7: Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil♥

Hi blog♥

Final day of The body shop review week♥

This oil is supposed to be for both hair and body so lets see how it did on both parts♥

Hair: This is a no go on my hair I tried it a few times and no matter how little I use it just doesn't sink in to my hair, just leaves a greasy surface. The only nice thing it does to my hair is making it smell nice because the oil smells so amazingly wonderful♥

Body: I've mixed feeling about this it takes like a million years for it to sink in to the skin which is so annoying but when it finally does my skin is super soft, smells amazing of course. It's not average but just a little bit over♥

Not the best but I still like it♥

xoxo Christina♥

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