Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PowerBanks - Charge on the go

Hi blog

These Powerbanks, have been talked about a lot but www.powerbanken.dk has a selection I've never seen before, they have the original, but they also have an owl version, who can hold the power to charge 3 smartphones, it has two different plugins so you can either charge your phone or anything who can charge via USB. they have and more, go look at the selection here. I think it is a good thing that there is multiple colors, shapes and sizes, depending what you prefer :)

They also have a great selection of cabels which is good, I would get so annoyed if I had to take the cable from my actual charger everytime I needed it. I actually have an event I need to go to next month, and I'm thinking og buying one of these! the owl is my fave, but I think I'll go for the original or the "tough" version.

xoxo Christina <3

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