Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top 3 worst Shoe trends♥

Hi blog♥

Some trends are incredible but there is some shoes that I think is so incredibly ugly and I wonder how anybody can like that but then again there is probably some people who hate my style♥

1. BIRKENSTOCK!! Sorry if you love them but I think they are the most ugly shoes I've ever seen, period. they remind me of the shoes my old Teacher used to wear, she was like 45-55 years old (10 years ago). Other than that they just look horrible, like the shoes people wear to PE  in the shower when they have a foot wart.

2. wedge sneakers. It just looks so wrong. Some people used to say "with these shoes I'm taller but I'm not wearing heel* Yes you are! I don't know what to say they are just wrong in my opinion :))

2. Jelly heels. Oh no no no They look so cheap and trashy. There is some Jelly sandals on the picture below, I'm not to big of a fan of them but I do think some of them in a fun color thas Not! transparent are okay but I wouldn't wear them. I have nothing against  some jelly flats like the other picture below♥

* I love the color but nooo*

*I'd wear these♥*

xoxo Christina♥

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