Friday, December 26, 2014

What I got for Christmas :)

Hi blog <3

sorry I a day late, my internet keep saying I have limited acces, so i couldn't even get on the blog yesterday and I wouldn't be able to today either if it wasn't for internet shareing on my ipad :))

Anyway I think it has been a pretty good gift year for me, I am really happy with all the gifts I recived, it's kinda funny how most of my stuff is blue. If you made a blog post like this please link blow, I'd love to see what you got <3

I tried to lay it out nicely but as usual it didn't work out :))

1. Korean Hair, eye and face masks
2. Asos blue scallop wallet
3. Yessica basics blue sweater
4. Clockhouse skinny jeans
5. H&M mint cardigan
6. x3 Jysk bedsheets
7. Mint bag from korea
8. cream/yellow hoodie/cadigan from korea
9. clean parfume in rain 30 ml
10. David doff cool water wave woman 100ml
11. Yessica basics grey cardigan.
12. Vero Moda dark blue knit sweater
13. Marc Jacobs daisy Dream gift set
14. and some money :))

xoxo Christina <3

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