Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Secret teeth stainers and how does teeth even get stained?

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Most of us knows the popular teeth stainers like coffe, fizzy drinkt, sugary stuff. But did you know that these little things can stain your pearly whites, even though some of them are good for your body, and why does teeth even get stained in the first place? Well apperently our teeth have pores that absourbs the color from the food we eat

Someone even said: the things that stain your clothes will stain your teeth.

1. Dark jucy berries

Mmmm Doesn't this just look so yummy, I could for sure eat a bowl right now, but sadly these beautiful dark and jucy berries filled with antioxidants and vitamins wich is good for your body, not so nice to your teeth, theese berries contain a lot of natural color, which as i said get absorbed by the microscopic pores in your teeth.

2. White wine

Looks kinda tasty even though I don't like wine, I always thought that red wine would stain more than white wine, thats apperently not the case. I've read that white wine contains more acid and breaks down the enamel and makes them more susceptible to color from food an other drinks.

3. Green tea

Oh sweet jesus this looks so yummy, probably editet though but still. When I found out i was like what! I've for some reason thought that green tea was caffeine free, like herbal teas, which is not the case some has upto 75mg, but thats not the point the point is that I thought it was only the caffeine i black tea and coffe which were staining. Truth is (If I've undestood correctly) that green tea contains something called tannins in the tea plant which makes teeth more prone to get stains.

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