Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Five purple favorites :))

Hi blog <3

I hope you love this color faves as much as I do, today it is time for my five purple favorites I got some things which look kinda blue, but I promise they are purple, I'm not cheating haha ;))

1. Ysl rouge volupte shine lipstick in nr. 3 Violet incognito my first dark purple lipstick, when I first got this I loved it but I thought I was way out of my comfort zone. at first I just wore it around the house, I'd only been used to pinks and corals so it was different but I've worn it a lot since, and If you've seen they other colors you know I adore the smell <3

2. Beauty bay detangling brush I have two of these brushes I kinda change my mind a lot about which one I like best for dry and wet hair, but I love both. This brush is for when I have some nasty tangles it is not hard as a brush but it is not as soft as my macadamia one. this is awesome!

3. bath and body works body mist in love love love and I sure love love love this. I don't have a massive collection but I think it's hard to get everything used so even though I love this I kinda forget it some times but it's really good but sweet scent <3

4. Nyc glitter eyeliner in paparazzi purple I love using this under my lower lashline it's a deep glittery purple and yeah, sometime it's nice with a little sparkle to your eyes :))

5. Maxfactor fushion in black brown. I thought it was black when I bought it, because I never look what color it is, but I really like this brown gives big lashes but it doesn't look as harsh as the black one, I love the brush round with tiny short bristles, it just works for my lashes <3

 xoxo Christina <3

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