Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New in Chanel rouge allure lipgloss :))

Hi blog

I already featured it in another blogpost but I made this, some time ago and forgot to post it <3

This is another little treasure I got for my birthday money. Can you believe it I got it 50% off, Chanel is almost never on sale and definitely not 50%. It's a classic beautiful red I have one that is very similar but I just couldn't resist this beauty, but there is a difference, the other one has small gold sparks in it, it is just gorgeous as well. My weakness for read is starting to annoy me I don't need more red lipsticks but I just can't help myself. I even got my eyes two others but one of them is more of a dark red, so I might allow my self to get it <3

xoxo Christina <3

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