Sunday, November 8, 2015

Five red favorites :))

Hi blog

So it's time for the red favorites, this is the color I'm most excited about, because I have some really great red things I guess <3

1. Ysl rouge volupte shine lipstick in nr. 4 rouge in danger beautiful juicy red, nothing like my other red lipstick, which I love aswell. This is just light, soft, pigmented but not completely. It is very moisturizing, smells good and it is just beautiful <3

2. Cacharel Amor Amor I love this! smells so amazing I don't know what it supposed to smell like but it is just so good, I keep going back to it <3

3. Maybelline lash stiletto volume mascara. This is currently my most used mascara, it is really great, the brush is curvy which I find helps my lashes stay curled longer, that might just be me :))

4. Essence lip liner in nr 10 femme fatale. I love this lipliner it gives my red lipsticks and glosses a little something extra and helps it stay in place and it was so inexpensive <3

5. Uniq one the best leave in conditioner, I just love it so much. you can read my full review where I take all the 10 thing it promises and tell you If I think it's true. Uniq one review <3

xoxo Christina <3


  1. I really like that mascara too! And I love the color of your lipstick :)

    1. Den er også mega god den mascara!! Ja ikke? Det er en af mine bedre køb 😍


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