Monday, November 16, 2015

My top 5 mascaras♥

Hi blog♥

I love to try new products but the downside is that I've too many products open and in use Buuuut now I can make this top five mascaras blogpost, and that is a good thing ♥

1. Gosh Boomtastic Mascara: It's just so good, really lifts and seperates my lashes. I feel like it gives both first coat is lenght and the second coat give volume, so you can build it upve loved  after your liking. In the beginning it can be a little to wet, but when it has become a little less wet it is just Amazing!

2. Beautybay the collection Mascara: I was thinking of putting this as my first, but I've just loved the one from gosh for so long, so I chose that. This one makes my lashes really long and thick almost a falshlash effect exept I doesn't make it look like I have a million lashes, like the gosh one does. This does not smudge on my oily eyelids woo hoo 

3. Maybelline th rocket mascara: this used to be my favorite, it's really great, gives good lenght and volume but it smudges a little bit on me at the end of the day, if just it was like the waterproof just not waterproof I actually did a Maybelline the rocket vs. Maybelline the rocket waterproof♥ some time ago.

4. maxfactor lash effect fushion mascara: this mascara I have is Black/brown so it looks more settle than the others which I really like, for the days you want a softer look and it givs a voluminous look. It's a bit dry even when it was new but it still gets the job done really well

5. Maybelline lash stiletto mascara: this lifts and gives great volume. It good for layering on other mascaras too. I use it quite a lot, as I mentioned in my last blogpost :))

But that was all thank you very much for stopping by, please leave a comment, I would love to chat, we could also follow eachother if you'd want to♥

xoxo Christina 

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