Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shopping my stash E.l.f style ;))♥

II Hi blog♥

So I decided to shop my stash and realised all the stuff I pulled out of my drawer was eyes lips face and a rimmel eyeliner but I decided to ditch it :))

1. Elf shine eraser: My face is a greaseball and the reason I forgot I had this, is because it was in the bottom with all my other products. I remember these being really great :))

2. Elf blush in Glow: This is really pretty I think I've only used once, why I don't know? Maybe because I've been obssesed with the one called innocence. ♥

3. Elf mineral moisturising lip tint spf 8 in Rose, berry ,blush: these are really great I'm so glad I rediscovered them. they are really light but has great pigmentation, the colors I have, they are just really lovely and moisturising♥
xoxo Christina♥


  1. Virkelig lækre sager! :-)

    Du skal være hjertelig velkommen til at kigge forbi ♥ -

    1. Haha tak, det er altid dejligt at finde gamle ting, man plejede at elske :))

  2. Think I have to get 1 or two of those lip tints! :-)


    1. They're so good feels so creamy on the lips :))


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