Saturday, August 15, 2015

sneak peak into my haircare stash :))

Hi blog

It's not all the products I own that gets on the blog, so I thought It would be a fun Idea to show you my little (it might be big for some people) hair care stash, so you can see which products I own and if you have any questions about any product, I'd love to answer <3

It can be difficult to get products used op when I keep buing stuff, I need to control my self... <3

xoxo Christina <3


  1. Vil glæde mig til at læse mere om dine hårprodukter! :-)

    Kig meget gerne forbi ♥ -

    1. Hehe så må jeg huske, at sætte nogle flere hårprodukter på bloggen :))


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