Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tangle Teazers: Macadamia Natural Oil Vs. Beautybay the collection

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It's the battle between Macadamia Natural Oil and Beautybay the collection tangle teazers. In the left side we have the macadamia brush and in the right side is beautybay's brush.

Price: the macadamia goes for 62,40 Dkk on Beautybay (macadamia brush). while beautybay's own is 48 Dkk BB the collection brush.

Bristels: Macadamias bristels are a lot more soft/bendable while the BB is more stiff/firm.

Performance: The macadamia works wonders in dry hair, but is takes forever and a day, to brush out my tangly wet hair. The BB works good in dry hair and works great in wet hair, even though it still takes a long time (It's 0nly when I haven't brused my hair proberly in three days... usually weekends and vacations).

Winner: the winner is Beautybays own brush, because it has a lover price and get's the tangels out the best.

xoxo Christina

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