Sunday, November 22, 2015

COCOPANDA Black Friday Week + Free shipping :)

Hi blog

Amazing news cocopanda is having a huge black Friday sale! were are talking 25-75% savings and the best part is, it is not just for a day but for three days filled with tons of savings. Plenty of time to get some goods for yourself and perhaps many Christmas presents for your friends and family, I myself have a few things in mind for my sister and there is plenty of stuff I want during this sale. The sale is from tomorrow, Monday the 23rd to Friday the 27th of November.

A little surprise that I can share with you, during the time of the sale you can get FREE shipping! All you have to to is add your goods to your basket, press the "ready to checkout" button and under the things that you have added to your basket, you'll be able to write the code BLACKWEEK and then you'll have free shipping on your order!

There is a few things I'd like to stock up on during the sale, I'd love to see a good deal on batiste dry shampoo, unique one 10 in 1 spray and rosebud lip balm. These are some of my holy grail products for life! and I don't know how many times I have raved about them on the blog (Maybe a million?). Though I usually get the red unique one, I think I'll try the white one for a chance, though I'm not the biggest fan of coconuts cents but id it is not that strong I'll be fine :) but I'll for sure look the site through for more awesome deals!

Happy Shopping
xoxo Christina <3

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