Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Five green favorites ♥

Hi blog

So this is the last of my colorful favorites, since I'm running out of colors I have five favorites in. I want to finish off with green, because it's a real spring color, I don't even know it is a good reason or not ♥

1. Clinique airbrush Concealer, I don't know if they have a new packaging because when I looked it up, the packageing was beige. Anyway this is a really great concealer and since is is so much lighter than my skin, I use it to brighten my eyes, I don't really have dark circles but I just look more fresh, it is relly light and It doesn't feel like you are wearing anything.

2. The body shop olive body butter. It smells so good! I thought it would smell like the olive body scrub, which I'm not (or I wasn't I used it up) to happy with it's scent, but it's soft and medium thick, make my skin really soft <3

3. Essence color and go nail polish in nr. 27 I love this, the perfect hunter green, first layer you'll be like I need a million coats to get this color, but second coat and you're fully colored, It's like it just needs a base because if i paint it over another nail polish it isn't sheer. I lasts and dries fast <3

4.  Essence eyeliner in nr 12 I have green. Like the polish is a perfect hunter green, which I think really complements my eyes, it glides on easily and smooth, no smudge <3

5. Macadamia natural oil detangle brush. my other detangle brush and I love this aswell, this is not as harsh as my beautybay one and this is good for when I only have a few tangles, but it can take the big tangels, it just takes longer time <3

xoxo Christina <3

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