Sunday, November 22, 2015

My skincare wish list♥

Hi blog♥

Even though I already have to many skincare products, there is some I really want to try, so here is my skincare wish list♥

I used ocean salt almost 2 years ago and I really liked it as it was, but they have a new formula that sounds even better than the old one, there is two new ones i belive and the one I wan't is the alcohol-free version which now has some great oils and mangobutter in it♥

I've wanted a dry/powder clay mask and this caught my eye because it's inexpensive but it also sound amazing. It can be used as face mask, body exfoliater and shampoo. and it, I quote (copy paste :)) ) 

"Proven to remove layers of dead skin, Rhassoul Clay smoothes the surface of the skin and reduces flakiness whilst improving elasticity and firmness. Free from Parabens and Artificial Chemicals, this innovative clay treatment is also beneficial for removing impurities from the hair"

Anything Ole Henriksen is interesting but this one stood out to me because, it's a spray toner with nice ingredients, and if it minimizes pores then it's just a huge plus!

My aloe is probably all my skin needs, but a serum would be really nice + I got uneven skin and darks spots, so if it could help that it would be really nice, because it's really annoying, anyone feel the same? :))

If I don't buy the ocean salt this is my second choice, beacuse I really do need a new scrub and a grapefrut smelling srub for uneven skintone is just what I need♥

xoxo Christina♥

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