Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy singles Weekend! - Cocopanda Sale + Free shipping

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Recently it has come to my knowledge, the fact that there is indeed a holiday which celebrates being singe, like me (Not sure how eager I am to celebrate that, maybe sometimes). So whether you're happy or sad being single, I have some good news!

Cocopanda a beauty, hair, skin etc. website is having a wonderful sale, celebrating all us single ladies (and guys) out there. So if you feel the need to celebrate or comfort yourself, because you are single, stop by and indulge in some products (or if you are in a relationship you could get some things too, I won't tell on you ;) )

Direct link to cocopanda Here! 
if you type "Movember" at checkout you'll get Free Shipping on your order (works once per costumer, valid until 10-11-2017).

How cute is this photo though (provided by cocopanda). Anyway I've browsed the website and I've found a few things, that would make the single life a little more fun for me!
This it the Smashit Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette mix 7. I've been looking for an eyeshadow palette with orange tones for a long time, because I find they suit my hazel eyes quite well. I've previously been eyeing the Morphe 35 O palette but I found that there weren't as many bright orange shades as I would like, and compared to this palette it was just too neutral!

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Natural Eyebrow Pencil. In the past year I've used a regular eyebrow pencil from the drugstore brand essence, which I've liked but I've previously tried this type of skinny twist up brow product and been quite fond of it and I've been pleased with most of the things I've tried from Elizabeth Arden.


MILANI Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner Black. I Usually use the Maybelline master precise eyeliner but once in a while I will stray away from it and try something new. For a long time I've been interested in this type of curved eyeliner, which is supposed to make application easier, we will have to see.

I once swore I would newer dye my hair, I'm laughing looking back at it. In the past two years I've had blonde balayage, then purple-red, purple, teal blue, navy blue and I'm currently rocking a Christmas tree ombré. To achieve my colors I've had to bleach my hair a few times and again in the beginning of 2018 when I'll dye it pink-purple! So I've been interested in trying the OROFLUIDO Mask to keep my hair soft and manageable it contains argan, cyperus oil and linseed oil which is supposed to be really good for all hair types! 

xoxo Christina 
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