Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review: Maybelline new york master precise eyeliner

Hi blog (Sofie)

I've used this eyeliner for years (which probably gives away the angle of this review) but I don't believe I've ever talked much about in on the blog maybe mentioned it here and there. It's been on the market for a pretty long time and as I remember, it has been decently popular. I, myself have gone through at least 4 while trying others in between (I actually finished one yesterday and have a new one in my drawer).

Since I already gave away the fact that I love this eyeliner, I might as well tell you why and share the few cons I think it has. When you first open it is nice and richly black, goes on smoothly and is pretty easy to work with. I did my first cat-eye with this eyeliner maybe 5'ish years ago and I recall it turning out quite well, at least I remember being pleased with the results. I't doesn't bleed during application which is essential! (I've tried getting my eyeshadow look completely ruined by a bad liquid eyeliner, no fun!). The eyeliner lasts a long time on the eyes, never smudges onto my crease! (which is like the biggest injustice n eyeliner can do to me...). If i accidentally touch it there is usually no damage, unless I in a stupid moment forget I'm wearing it and start rubbing my eyes... I overall recommend this eyeliner, even if you are a beginner! The price is decent too, depending on where you live (if you are in Denmark many websites sells it for a discount). It's the best liquid eyeliner I've used so far, I've only dabbled in drugstore liquid eyeliners but I would be curious to try the Kat Von Dee or the really expensive Tom ford one (If I one day have too much money to spend). 

The only con is, when it starts to dry out it becomes weird. It will be black as ever but in spots not put any color and when you try to make a wing, it's really hard to get the tip sharp because the end of the felt tip is dried up while the rest seems (at first) like it's alright and still good but then the millisecond you almost ruin your eyeliner you realize it's time to toss it and open a new one.  

Here's a few shots of how it looks on my eyes :)

xoxo Christina <3

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